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Mini - Ballerinas
13 year old Model
Vocal lessons
Vocal lessons
Dance Programs

Dance Programs




Proudly providing dance programs for wide variety of styles.


ages 5 - 17


Beginner. secondary. Intermediate. Advanced

Ballet.modern.contempory.Jazz.Hip-hop.step.lyrical.theatre and much more


Our goal is to morph every dancer into thier ultimate best capabilities 


  • Basic techniques - In variety of dance forms

  • Posture

  • Placement

  • Musicality 

  • Dance ettiquette

  • Nutrition and health

Through out the learning process dancers continue to polish all of the above elements through dance coreographies.


We are best known for our applauding finshing results.


Classes coming soon 

July 2014 



Acting Progams

Acting/Drama Programs


Ages 8 - 17 


Beginner. Secondary. Intermediate


Our Drama program is specially desigined for aspiring young actors to master the art of behind the camera Acting and stage Acting



 They learn what it takes to peform on stage and behind camera and master the skill of scene and presentaion 


Through out the learning process actors and actresses get many chances to peform on stage and behind the camera.

All of our drama and acting progams are made for fun and incredible learning experiences.

Vocal Lessons!

Our Vocal programs are designed to bring out the dominance every individual contains through choral and solo performers

We study the main elements of vocal music like:

  • Tone

  • Musical Fundamentals

  • Choral Work

  • Arranging vocals

  • composition

  • conducting

  • ear training


Singers are pushed to conquer the above elements so they can move on to well trained vocalist


Throughout learning sessions vocalist seek many oppurtunities for showcasing in theatres, songs, comunnite events and more!



 Our modelling program focuses on imerging beginner models. Enhancing thier abillities to feel confident behind the camera, posing, and facial control. 


Parents are greatly astonished by the result the modelling programs brings to thier young sons and daughters 


This program is great for young girls and boys who seek interest in modelling but havent had much experience in it. 


Models finish the program with participation in Enlightened Kinds runway show as well as a finished portfolios!

13 year old T.Richardson started of as a natural

this is her first year in the program! 

Klassique.B started the modeeling program unsure if she would like it. Although she was sceptical she now takes the best photos in competitions and is one of the best Enlighjtened Kind has seen in her age group!

Miss. Soleil is 9 years old, shy but the camera loved her in this shoot